Elite pitching halt losing streak for Murderer’s Row


As a New York Yankees fan, we watch the Bombers on the YES Network every day. Lead announcer Michael Kay has been hammering home because so far in the 2021 MLB season, hitting is down, and pitching has been lights out.

Our losing streak was miserable because our batters are just not putting the ball in play, which results in hardly any runs, RBIs, home runs, or men on base. That would also explain why our batting average is so low.

With the batters coming up short, it was up to the pitchers to save the day and get us back into the win column.


Murderer’s Row secured their second win of the season with a convincing 7-2 victory over Chod’s Team. The boy scooped up four out of five pitching categories and padded their totals with three of the five hitter’s categories. Both teams tied with 30 runs apiece.

Chod’s Team took home runs by a single digit, 5-4, while winning the battle for best ERA 3.07-3.49. The only two categories that we won by double digits were WHIP (0.92 to 1.12) and batting average (0.245-0.259). Less than seven points decided every other stat column.

21fbasedaily4When we look back at the daily recaps, the matchup was close for the first three days, with both teams deadlocked at 4-4 on Wednesday. Something happened on Thursday, which drastically turned the tide on Chod’s Team, which resulted in an 8-1 hole.
recapfont321fbasebench4It was another quiet week on the bench as the Injured Reserve players filled the empty spots. A handful of these bench guys are not hitting or producing, so it made sense to keep them out of the lineup instead of hurting our matchup numbers.

The only statistic worth noting was Marcell Ozuna’s single home run. Should Ozuna had been in the lineup that day, his lone four-bagger would have given us a 5-5 tie in home runs, altering the final score to 7-1-2.recapfont521fbasestats4As mentioned earlier in the opening, our hitters have some pretty ugly numbers, especially home runs, where we rank second to last. Our batting average and runs totals are in the bottom half of the league. However, the RBI and stolen base numbers are pretty solid.

After four weeks, Murderer’s Row has the best ERA in the league with the second-best WHIP. The wins may come someday, but for now, we have to settle for the seventh-best win total, and eight best saves total. Even though the boys are more than 40 strikeouts away from the league leader, they hold a respectable sixth place in overall statistics.recapfont221fbasetrans4Travis d’Arnaud (Atlanta) was off to a miserable start and then suffered a significant injury to his hand, putting him on the 60-Day IR. He was on the verge of getting cut anyway, so he was sent packing to the waiver wire after the injury news.

Since Yasmani Grandal (Chicago) isn’t hitting and Yadier Molina (St. Louis) is also injured, we needed a catcher, which resulted in Victor Caratini (San Diego) getting signed to step right into the starting lineup.

Weekly Move Total: 1/4 

Season Move Total: 9/40

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