Lack of hitting and spotty pitching return Murderer’s Row to loss column

Murderer’s Row hung out in the winner’s circle for just one week before an ugly week across the board cost them another matchup. Despite the loss, the boys didn’t lose a lot of ground in the standings, as they slipped from third to fourth. recapfont4

21fbasematchup5This past week’s matchup was never in doubt as Murderer’s Row pitchers dug themselves a massive hole, which left the rest of the team searching for ways out of it.

The only bright spots on the scorecard were a 0.256 batting average, five wins, and 72 strikeouts. Our ERA total was more than triple our opponents, 3.48 to 1.05, while the WHIP numbers were almost double 1.27 to 0.76. We lost the saves category by five, the same number we lost home runs by.

Both teams tied with stolen bases before our opponents mopped up in runs and RBIs.21fbasedaily5Murderer’s Row was very fortunate to walk away with a 6-3-1 loss, much to the chagrin of the victors. They were cruising right along, boosting scores of 7-2, 9-1, and 8-1, before losing a grip on their stranglehold by the end of Sunday evening.

The bench numbers in week five were nothing worth mentioning. Collectively the boys scored four runs and knocked in seven runs, but neither of those numbers would have altered the final score. The 0.167 batting average is the second-lowest total of the season.

Some could argue that those numbers are great and that they had no impact on the matchup. However, those numbers are just another example of how bad our team is hitting overall.recapfont521fbasestats5As mentioned, our pitchers took a beating in week five, which resulted in a significant drop in team statistics. Once hailed at the best ERA and second-best WHIP team in the league, we now sit fourth overall in both categories.

Out of the ten scoring categories, we are in the top four in five pitching categories and only two out of five in the hitting categories. Home runs runs, and saves continue to be our worse categories.recapfont121fbasestandings5

The loss stung a little bit as Murderer’s Row and HOMERsexuals swapped spots in the standings. The winners witnessed their winning percentage jump up to 0.550 while the losers dropped down to 0.500, one of only four teams with a winning record.

The gap between first place and third place is already at seven games while growing to 16 games between first and last.recapfont221fbasetrans5

When searching for answers among an ugly week, management made two moves. First, Ty France (Seattle) was hitless in six straight games, so he was moved off the roster to make room for someone finally returning from the IR.

Victor Caratini (San Diego) moved to the waiver wire because he barely saw any playing time while filling in as the team’s primary catcher. In his place, Yan Gomes (Washington) suited up amongst a mini hot streak.

Weekly Move Total: 1/4 

Season Move Total: 10/40

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