Blow Out Win Halts Murderer’s Row Three Game Skid

21fbbweek8The baseball season rolls along and stops for no one. You either keep pace or stumble and watch as it leaves you in the dust. Murderer’s Row has never been a powerhouse in One Less Curse; however, this year was supposed to be different.

The boys have already won matchups this season (3-1); however, the losses keep piling up, and the team is just hanging around in no man’s land. They may not be the worse team. However, they are also not contenders, just sitting in the middle of standings, not going up or going down.

In week eight, Murderer’s Row managed to stop the bleeding, ending a season-high three-game losing streak; however, with an 8-1-1 victory, the team remains under 0.500 overall with a 36-37-7 record.


When matchups are lopsided, people tend to think that the numbers favoured one team over another; when you look at the week eight numbers, you’ll see it was indeed anyone’s ball game.

Murderer’s Row found themselves on the right side of eight categories, which included four decided by five points or less. Only two of the category wins were by 10 points: RBIs and strikeouts.

The two teams tied in saves (3) before battling for WHIP, which ultimately ended with an eleven-point victory for us.
21fbbdaily8This week’s matchup started deadlocked at 4-4-2, with neither team finding their footing on opening day. Things turned quickly for The Dick Pounds, who went down 8-1-1 after Tuesday night and never recovered. Week eight was the third time this season that we won a matchup but could not clean sweep our opponent.
21fbbsd8recapfont321fbbbench8Murderer’s Row was pretty successful in this week’s matchup, cleaning up four out of five offensive categories. When you look back at the matchup totals, you’ll see the boys lost the batting average category by just six percentage points. If this group of bench players had a chance to contribute to the starting lineup with their weekly totals, Murderer’s Row would have ended up winning the batting average category, altering the final score 9-0-1.
recapfont521fbbstats8Fans expect that when you secure eight category wins, your numbers must have been pretty good. Well, that is not the case with the 2021 Murderer’s Row lineup, who rank either dead last or at the bottom in four of the five offensive categories. The team reached a new low in home runs, which now ranks in 10th place. The runs have stayed at the bottom, but the team batting average is getting lower and lower, meaning the team just isn’t hitting.

As pointed out in previous recaps, the team isn’t in the basement in the standings because of pitching. Outside of saves, the hurlers rank in the top half of the league in the other four categories. recapfont1

21fbbstandings8Murderer’s Row has seemed to find a home in the sixth seed. Five out of the last seven weeks, the team has stayed in this position, just moving up once and then moving down once.

There are three tiers in One Less Curse, the elite at the top, the middle clubs who can’t make up their minds, and the bottom guys who are slowly watching their season fade away. You can see which team is in which category based on their games behind numbers.

Teams in the middle still have a chance to contend but have to put together some wins and hope the top guys slip up slightly. The larger those numbers get, the more the standings will sort themselves out earlier than it needs to be. recapfont221fbbtrans8Breaking news in sports is always must-read material. However, when the breaking news involves off-the-field incidents, those moments are not as exciting to read as a blockbuster trade.

Unfortunately, Marcell Ozuna’s future in Major League Baseball is in severe jeopardy after an off-field altercation that could land the outfielder in prison. Once we read the news, it only made sense to cut him from the team and distance ourselves from him.

After tweaking the roster a little bit, we finally pulled the trigger on acquiring Bryan Reynolds. The outfielder ranks near the top of the league regarding hits and batting average, areas that the team needs to improve in if it wants to contend.

Weekly Move Total: 1/4 

Season Move Total: 13/40

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