Murderer’s Row Settle for a Tie in Their Week Nine Fantasy Matchup


In all sports competitions, wins are the ultimate goal and losing is never an option. When you can’t win and avoid a loss, you end up with a tie, which happened in the first season matchup between Murderer’s Row and Salt Bae.recapfont421fbbmatchup9This week’s matchup started on the wrong foot. Our pitchers stumbled out of the gate, and our ERA and WHIP numbers never recovered, paving the way for Salt Bae to escape with two guaranteed category wins. Outside of those two previously mentioned categories, it was back and forth with the remaining eight, which resulted in a 5-5 tie.

Four categories were decided by three points or less, while seven and nine points separated two. Ultimately these close calls mean the matchup was up for grabs the entire week and the two teams, trying to climb the standings, had an opportunity to turn a tie into a win.21fbbdaily9Salt Bae jumped out to a lead thanks to our brutal pitching statistics on opening night. We recovered to take the next two nights before the matchup turned into a tie after Thursday. Things looked grim on Friday and Saturday as we fell behind but rallied to salvage a much-needed tie on Sunday.
21fbbsd9recapfont321fbbbench9In the week nine matchup against Salt Bae, some questionable roster decisions cost the team some valuable points in the standings. The players who didn’t get into the lineup produced one of the best bench weeks of the season with 15 runs and 17 RBIs. When you look at the final numbers, had we managed our daily lineups slightly better, we could have overcome some deficits and stole a category here or there to win the matchup.
recapfont521fbbstats9It has been repeated several times throughout this season that the 2021 roster makeup for Murderer’s Row was supposed to be different. This team has no Yankees in the lineup, and after a miserable 2020 season, we set out to the right all the wrongs and contend. So far, this season has been a disappointment, and the offensive numbers showcase the frustration.

Murderer’s Row is one of the league’s worse offensive teams and avoids the basement because of the pitching staff. The only bright spot in regards to the hitting categories is stolen bases. After nine weeks, the team’s best position is ERA, where the boys have the league’s third-best numbers. recapfont1

21fbbstandings9When someone examines the standings for One Less Curse, Murderer’s Row is still hanging out in the middle of the pack. There’s too much ground to make up regarding chasing first or second place; however, the team is just a few points out of seventh.

The top three teams are all battling for bragging rights as the best team in the league, while the bottom team is slowly watching their season fade away.

Only the top four teams make the playoffs, and with one-third of the season in the books, there are four teams all battling for that spot. recapfont2


Murderer’s Row made their 14th roster move by adding New York Mets catcher/first baseman James McCann. His addition came thanks to a rough week for JT Brubaker (Pittsburgh). One day Brubaker was listed as NA for personal reasons, then the next day, his status changed to COVID-19, which meant he was eligible to be placed on the IR. We acted accordingly, which opened a spot in the lineup.

Weekly Move Total: 1/4 

Season Move Total: 14/40

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