A Loss to Rival Team Costs Murderer’s Row in Standings

21ffbweek10The 2021 fantasy baseball season kicked off against ItsNotRyanItsRyne, our fiercest rival. Murderer’s Row managed to steal a victory in that opening round set and have struggled mightily ever since. The two teams locked up again, this time with the 2019 champions got their revenge.
recapfont421fbbmatchup10The box score numbers from the week ten matchup really up sums up the season for Murderer’s Row. The team’s pitching is good enough to secure some points; however, the offence is so bad that they don’t threaten opponents.

The boys’ closest opportunity to securing a point in an offensive category was in home runs and stolen bases, which they lost by six. The differences in runs (15) and RBIs (17) were pretty bad and almost unsurmountable. Since ItsNotRyanItsRyne outhit us by 11, the batting average was also lopsided, with a difference of 0.034 points.

The two teams did battle to a tie in pitching wins and strikeouts, with Murderer’s Row picking up points in saves, ERA, and WHIP. 21fbbdaily10Through ten weeks of baseball, Murderer’s Row has led at least once during a matchup, avoiding a shutout so far. Although ItsNotRyanItsRyne almost completed a seven-day sweep, had it not been for a lead change on Tuesday.

The matchup was never close until the finale, which saw the boys rally from an 8-2 deficit on Saturday to salvage a whole boatload of points and save face in the rivalry.
21fbbsd10recapfont321fbbbench10It was pretty quiet on the bench during this past week’s matchup. Collectively the boys almost outslugged the main roster, coming within 0.011 points of the team’s final totals. However, for those who didn’t make it into the lineup, they only tallied a total of six runs and six RBIs, which would have had no impact on the final score.
recapfont521fbbstats10Since Murderer’s Row fails to produce wins, the offensive numbers struggle, ranking in the bottom third of the league in all but one of five categories. However, the opposite occurs in the pitching department, where the team ranks in the top five in four categories.

As a team, the offence matchup record breaks down like this: 18-30-2 (0.360% win percentage.), while the pitching staff has a 26-17-7 record (0.520%), meaning the guys on the mound are carrying the team and are the only reason the team is still contending for a playoff spot. recapfont1

21fbbstandings10After Murderer’s Row dropped another matchup, the team fall two spots in the overall standings. Their next matchup against Colegio Andes will be huge since the teams could swap positions if the result is a blowout.


In last week’s recap, we highlighted the acquisition of Jared McCann (New York) because of the roster adjustments surrounding JT Brubaker (Pittsburgh). When Brubaker came back, we decided to keep McCann and cut Kyle Farmer (Cinncinati), who had struggled for a bit.

Weekly Move Total: 0/4 

Season Move Total: 14/40

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