Huge Upset Win Propels Murderer’s Row Over League’s Best Team


HOMERsexuals has been one of the top teams in One Less Curse for the bulk of the season. They have been on a roll building up their record to an impressive 84-51-5 record and a slight lead over other teams aiming for the top.

Murderer’s Row, meanwhile, has yet to win consecutive matchups this season, and as a middle-tier team, the odds were not in their favor heading into the matchup.

recapfont421fbbmatchup14In a shocking turn of events, Murderer’s Row not only won their matchup, but they also handed HOMERsexuals one of their worse defeats on the season, 8-2-0. It would have been a clean sweep for underdogs had it not been for stolen bases and saves; the only category wins for HOMERsexuals.

Experts could argue this matchup was up for grabs until the bitter with two categories separated by only one point and another three by less than ten points. None of that matters since Murderer’s Row scored enough points to take the majority of the categories and secure one of the league’s most surprising upsets.21fbbdaily14With their second consecutive win of the season, which included four of the five offensive categories, the bench numbers did not affect the matchup outcome. The only impact these numbers would have had was to cause a more significant divide in the final numbers, which were close in home runs.

Despite another victory in the win column, nothing changed regarding the team’s overall statistics. After 14 weeks, Murderer’s Row remains the worse team in home runs and eighth-best in saves.

After those two categories, the team ranks in the league’s bottom half in runs and RBIs. Stolen bases are the team’s best offensive category (third) and then the batting average, which is right in the middle of the pack.

The best team statistic is WHIP, which ranks second, followed by ERA in third. Those numbers are slightly higher than wins and strikeouts, which rank fourth overall.



Thanks to a huge upset win in Week 14, Murderer’s Row finally had their first winning record since week one. Their 66-63-11 record closed the gap between fourth and fifth place as the three teams continue their fight for the final playoff spot.

The Bad News Bears and SHABB’s Team should be thankful that HOMERsexuals lost so bad because the gap between the top three teams is now just 2.5 games. Meanwhile, the race to stay out of the tenth seed has heated up, with the last two teams only one game apart. 



Murderer’s Row made two roster adjustments before the All-Star game break.

Jean Segura (Philadelphia) was injured, and team management felt they couldn’t wait for him to return, so they recruited a teammate, Andrew McCutchen. McCutchen had one of the best months of his career in June, and the team hoped to capitalize on his momentum.

Meanwhile, JT Brubaker (Pittsburgh) has struggled lately and hadn’t contributed as much as the team had hoped. While browsing the free-agent pitcher market, Frankie Montas (Oakland) caught the eyes of scouts. He’s approaching double digits in wins and has over 100 strikeouts, a good combination for a team in need of points in those categories.

Weekly Move Total: 2/4 

Season Move Total: 20/40

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