Murderer’s Row Secure Fifth Win of Season


Murderer’s Row had a chance to make up some ground against their division rivals with a matchup against the last-place team, Chod’s Team. Unfortunately, the matchup came down to the wire with pulling out a 6-4-0 victory on the weekend.

Despite being 40 games under .500, Chod’s Team didn’t allow Murderer’s Row a chance to run away with a win, tying the matchup late on Friday night. The win brought Row closer to a winning record, yet the team is still clawing like a snail towards a playoff spot.

recapfont421fbbmatchup13For the first time this season, Murderer’s Row clean swept the five offensive categories, plus one in the pitching ones to steal this victory 6-4-0. The closest category between the two teams was saves, separated by just two points. Wins were second with a difference of three, followed by stolen bases (seven) and home runs (eight). Double digits decided the remaining categories.
21fbbdaily13The two teams opened their week 13 matchup by tying 5-5. Murderer’s Row took the lead on Tuesday and held it three nights before another 5-5 tie on Friday. The deadlock ended on Saturday, and the score remained the same through Sunday.

This past matchup marked just the third time on the season that Murderer’s Row did not trail at any point, following week four and eight victories.


Since Murderer’s Row secured all five offensive categories, this week’s bench numbers did not affect the outcome. These numbers could have been added to our overall team numbers for the season, which remains the league’s bottom in all five categories.
recapfont521fbbstats13If Murderer’s Row wishes to be a contender for the championship, they will have to do everything they can after the upcoming All-Star break to move up in these categories. There are some positives regarding the win-loss records, but the offensive numbers are in the bottom three of the league.

As previously mentioned, pitching is the saving grace for the season where four of the five categories rank in the top five. The batting average had crept up in the past few matchups, but it will be hard to stay competitive without runs and RBIs.



There have been little to no movements in the standings because teams seem to have found their spot and refuse to budge. HOMERsexuals have finally opened up a lead in the top spot, while ItsNotRyanItsRyne is working to build a gap between Screw the ‘Stros.

Murderer’s Row is clinging to the sixth spot in the division with The Dick Pounds right behind them. Chod’s Team is also making improvements to get out of the basement and avoid the designation of that finish.


Murderer’s Row made no roster transactions during this matchup.

Weekly Move Total: 0/4 

Season Move Total: 19/40

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