Pinstripe Bowl Secure Second Win in Dramatic Fashion

Pinstripe Bowl improved to 2-2 on the season thanks to a nail-biting 129.22-124.74 win over the winless What’s an ACL anyways?. This week’s matchup was the first time the Bowl managed to stay close to their original projects, coming in just 3.63 points shy of reaching their target. The win, which put the Bowl on the same path as their 2020 championship season, was a rebound game for the champs, who had dropped two in a row, the last one being a blowout.

The win didn’t improve the team’s position in the standings as they remain in the seventh seed. Despite four teams tied at 2-2, the Bowl is the lowest-scoring team out of the bunch. Pinstripe Bowl and What’s an ACL anyways? are the only two teams who have yet to reach 500 points scored. The Bowl is currently at 484.32, and ACL is at 445.26. Six teams in the league have negative points for and against ratio, with the Bowl smack dab in the middle of the group with a difference of 7.34 points.

The NFL is four weeks into their season, and Pinstripe Bowl has yet to have a player suit up for a game on Thursday or Monday night. ACL jumped out to an early 13.70 lead on Thursday and was in the lead, posed to win the matchup through Sunday morning games.

The Bowl’s offense showed up in the late afternoon games and rode the momentum into Sunday night, where they collected the last of their weekly points during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New England Patriots game. Projected to win the matchup, the Bowl had to sit around and hope for some subpar performances from Josh Jacobs and Darren Waller on Monday Night. The football Gods shined down upon the champions as Las Vegas dropped their first game of the season, leaving ACL just 4.48 points shy of their first victory.

Kyler Murray proved once again that he is the team leader by scoring 24.62 points to lead all players. The Buffalo Bills defense, who had another week on the bench, shut out the Houston Texans and put up an impressive 23.00 points. Management stuck with the Tampa Bay defense with a juicy matchup against the Patriots. In hindsight, playing the Bills proved to be the better movie, but there’s no crying over spilled milk now.

It was an off week for Adam Thielen as he failed to reach double digits, but Stefon Diggs and the running backs, Jonathan Taylor, Devon Singletary, and Kareem Hunt, picked up the slack.

The special teams led by Ryan Succop kicked 15.00 points in the pouring rain in Foxboro. Outside of the Bills points on the bench, Corey Davis had an impressive week with 21.10 points as the New York Jets shocked the football world with their win over the Tennessee Titans.

The Bowl scored the second-lowest win total of the week and, with 129.22 points, would have only beat half the league in a head-to-head matchup. Only Chod’s Team managed to score less (105.26) on the winner’s side and still pick up a victory. Pleasantly Plump kept a different streak alive, as they became the fourth team to fail to reach triple digits in their loss.

Nukl Busters, behind the offensive power of Tyreek Hill, scored a league-high 154.48 points in their win over Cleveland Steamers. KerryMy Johnson also scored 150 points, while Garoppolyse Now put up 141.06 to eke out a 1.14 point victory over Trump Towers to remain undefeated at 4-0-0.

As mentioned previously, there are four teams with 2-2 records and two teams with 3-1 records. ACL remains winless while Plump and Steamers are at 1-3.
The critics would point out that Pinstripe Bowl didn’t need to spend their Monday night praying for a sloppy game from the Las Vegas Raiders. They could have just kept Hill in their lineup and watched him destroy his opponents. Hill’s league-best 47.60 points were better than the Bowl’s best starter and bench player combined, meaning a five-point victory could have easily been a 40 point blowout.

Murray has been the best starter in all four weeks, while Davis has been the best bench player twice. It is hard to justify a permanent role amongst the starters when the Jets are not a threat on the schedule. Until their rookie quarterback Zach Wilson shows he’s capable of playing elite-level football, Davis will be in and out of the lineup based on matchups and projections.

Pinstripe Bowl management waited until the fourth week of the season to cash in their #1 waiver wire claim. After surveying the free-agent landscape, the general manager executed two successful claims.
After underperforming for three weeks, Ronald Jones II found his way to the waiver wire in a swap for Peyton Barber. Barber joins the team as the Raiders’ number one back after an injury to former Bowl star Josh Jacobs.

In New England, a rookie quarterback has taken over the starting job and has yet to find his footing after the team went out and acquired an all-star team worth of wide receivers. Nelson Agholor was one of those big-ticket signings and, through three weeks, has yet to put up the numbers for someone of his talent. Things could change, and he could end up back on the Bowl, but the team acquired Henry Ruggs III, who is finding his game in Las Vegas. Ruggs III’s name popped up on several waiver wire articles, so management took a chance.

Cameron Brate joined the team early Sunday morning because George Kittle is battling some minor ailments and may eventually sit out a week or two. Brate takes over the starters job in Tampa Bay because future Hall of Famer Rob Gronkowski will be out with a rib injury for several weeks. Chase Claypool sat out of action, which opened up a roster spot for Brate to join with no other player transactions.

Weekly Move Total: 3/4 

Season Move Total: 3/50

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