The Defending Champions Are Already on the Ropes After Back-To-Back Losses

In 2020 Pinstripe Bowl started the season exactly how they finished the previous one, as a losing team. Things stayed on course last year as they stumbled out of the gate to the tune of a 1-2 record, and only a five-game winning streak salvaged their season. 

Three weeks into the 2021 season and Pinstripe is a mess. One week they are out there scoring over 150 points, then follow that performance up with barely scratching a hundred. Some scribes could say the team will suffer from now on because they traded away one of the best players in the league, Tyreek Hill, yet the team should be just fine with Stefon Diggs back in the lineup. 

Chod’s team jumped out to an early lead on Sunday morning and never looked back as they went on to secure the most significant blowout victory in week three. The beatdown, 154.38-92.74, of the defending champions may be the highlight of the season for Chod’s, who improved to 2-1 while dropping Pinstripe Bowl to 1-2. 

The original matchup projections had Chod’s team winning by 5.32 points; instead, one team overperformed while the other (Pinstripe) failed even to show up. In their defeat, the Bowl became just the third team this season to fail to reach a hundred points in their matchup, scoring the third-lowest total on the season. 

Yahoo Fantasy gave the team a D- grade for their lackluster performance in week three, which was well earned. As the chart above showcases, the two teams were never close except for the downtime between Thursday and Sunday morning.

The Bowl lost their matchup because eight out of the nine starters failed to reach their projections. Only George Kittle managed to exceed his forecasts, and that was only 2.63 points. The team’s best player, Kyler Murray, had the worse showing of the week regarding projections and actual points scored, coming in 8.30 under. The star quarterback did lead the team in scoring for players who suited up, while Kareem Hunt led the team from the bench. Hunt was the only player on the Bowl to score over 20 points.

The team numbers were close, with the starters outscoring the bench players by just 14.14 points. The starting nine came in 40.57 points under their projections, while the rest of the team came just 1.95 points off their forecasts.

There was a slight shuffling regarding the top 25 scorers in the league. Four quarterbacks remain free agents, with Chod’s team also producing four top guys. Eight other teams have two players in the top-scoring positions, meaning everyone has spread out their offense.

As mentioned in the opening, Pinstripe Bowl was the lowest-scoring team in week three, suffering the most lopsided loss in the process. Trump Towers scored 156.6 to lead the league in scoring. Chod’s team scored 154.38 points, meaning they would have defeated every other team in the league except Trump Towers.

Everyone else was much more competitive outside of the Bowl’s matchup, with the four other matchups decided by 21 points or less. What’s an ACL anyways? remains the only winless team while Garoppolypse Now is undefeated with a perfect 3-0-0 record.

Murray was the Bowl’s best starter for the third week, a streak he should continue into week four. Unfortunately, every team has a stud and a dud, and in week three, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers put up the second worse starter totals on the season. A loss to the Los Angeles Rams showcased a plethora of issues with the Bucs defense.

Hunt did not get the nod as a starting running back and showed team management he belonged in that role by scoring a team-high 27.50 points from the bench. Meanwhile, there was another best player in the league, with Jake Allen taking the crown from Derrick Henry. The Buffalo Bills quarterback is poised to lead his team deep into the playoffs and used his week three matchup to show the league he’s ready to tangle.

Pinstripe Bowl made no roster transactions during their matchup.

Weekly Move Total: 0/4 

Season Move Total: 0/50

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