Title Defense Hits a Snag in Week Two Blowout Loss

Pinstripe Bowl started the 2020 season 1-2 and went on a winning streak that propelled them into the championship game. In week one, the team got their title defense off on the right foot before a handful of bad outings for their best players cost the defending champions a key matchup against a rival in week two.

This week’s matchup came down to one game, Sunday Night Football, between the Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens. Garoppolypse Now had a comfortable lead finishing up their week with 128.32 points. The Bowl had one player left, Tyreek Hill, who is known to pile up the points every week. Unfortunately for everyone involved, Hill scored a season-low 5.90 points, costing the Bowl their chance to take their second-week matchup.

The task was daunting, Hill needed to come up with 28.33 points, but those numbers seemed achievable considering he secured 37.10 points in week one. Hill isn’t to blame for the loss; seven of the nine starters failed to reach their projections, with only three scoring more than ten points. The entire evening was a write-off for team management, who were not impressed with this disappointing turn of events. In a reaction move, Hill was placed on the trading block and subsequently traded by the end of the evening.

The 2021 season just started, and the Bowl found trouble in week two. Garoppolypse Now opened up the matchup with 37.00 points on Thursday night. It was a significant lead, but in fantasy, there are no guarantees. They managed to win the matchup by 22.32 points, which means those initial 37 points were crucial in securing the win.

Down and out from the beginning, the Bowl tried to claw their way back, despite an insurmountable deficit. Collectively the team came 38.73 points under their original projections. Those starter numbers barely outproduced the bench players, who came in 13.30 points under their forecasts.

Kyler Murray was the Bowl’s best player for the second week in a row, accounting for 40% of the team’s 105.90 points. The second-best player was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense, who put up 19.00 points in the loss, still three points shy of the damage the Buffalo Bills defense caused in their game.

The team’s two running backs scored 12.70 points while Hill and flex player Corey Davis scored 8.70 points, barely outscoring the kicker, Ryan Succop, who kicked six points.

After boosting the most players in the Top 25 last week, they dropped to just one, beating out Nukl Busters and Trump Towers, who had zero players.

Nine of the ten teams surpassed a hundred points in week two matchups, with What’s an ACL anyways? failing to get to triple digits. Their score marked the second straight week that a team in the league could not reach the century mark. To add insult to injury, ACL found themselves on the wrong end of the worse beatdown of the season to date, which was 93.60 points.

KerryMy Johnson rebounded from a blowout loss in week one to destroyed Pleasantly Plump by 53.46 points. Johnson scored the most points in week two, 177.58, setting the bar high for other teams this early season.

There wasn’t much to brag about for Pinstripe Bowl, who scored the second-lowest totals of the week. Their opponents had the second-lowest win (128.32) total of the week yet would have beaten seven of the league’s ten teams.

As mentioned previously, Murray has been a fantasy stud since the first snap of the season. He continues to power the Pinstripe Bowl offense while leading the Arizona Cardinals to a 2-0 record. Corey Davis got a nod in the flex position and failed to produce in his one start, while Devon Singletary sat this week out and came up with many points on the bench.

Derrick Henry continues to be one of, if not the best, running backs in the NFL. He was the best player in Ladies and Edelman with a season-high 47.70 points.

Pinstripe Bowl made no roster adjustments during week two.

Weekly Move Total: 0/4 

Season Move Total: 0/50

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