Pinstripe Bowl Rally, but Ultimately Come Up Short Again

Winning a championship in the real world and fantasy is tough. Once that team reaches the mountain top, everyone else does anything to reach the top and push the reigning champions from their spot. Pinstripe Bowl was one of the best teams in Ladies and Edelman in 2020, claiming the big prize at the end. Since their parade, the team has been a mess and disappointed in the 2021 season.

Another loss in week five gave the team a 2-3 record and dropped them to the ninth spot in the standings. The boys are not in last place because the basement dwellers are winless so far.

Pleasantly Plump jumped out to an early 9.00 lead on Thursday night before expanding their lead throughout the morning on Sunday. Their numbers continued to climb as many players on Pinstripe Bowl failed to reach their projections. It was an off-week for many of the stars, and the black line was a good indicator.

After the Sunday games came to a close, Plump held a 43.72 point lead and had all but secured the victory with only a few players left on Monday Night Football. The Bowl only had Jonathan Taylor left to play, and with a projected 14.90 points, the loss was inevitable. Then Taylor had a season-high 31.90 points that closed the gap and turned a potential blowout into an 11.82 point defeat.

The original projections had Pinstripe Bowl scoring a 1.5 victory (132.97-131.47). Still, with only two of the nine starters exceeding their initial projections, a two-point win turned into a double-digit loss. Kyler Murray, who has had the best season of all Bowl players, underperformed for the first time this season, coming 12.13 points under his 26.79 projected points. He failed to reach 15 points for the first time this season and didn’t reach 20 or more points for the second time.

In week five, the best players on the team were the two running backs, Taylor and Kareem Hunt, who combined for 57.80 points, which accounted for 50% of the team’s totals. The wide receivers, who started, collected 23.40 points less than Chase Claypool (24.00), who sat the week out on the bench.

The special teams, led by kicker Ryan Succop (10.00), put up 18 points which are just one extra point over the Buffalo Bills defense, who collected 17 points by themselves. Only four of the nine starters reached double digits, with two players on the bench reaching that plateau. After suffering their third loss on the season, the Bowl has only a player ranked in the top 25 of the league, Murray, who ranks in the top 10.

Chod’s team became the first team in 2021 to score more than 200 points with a 233.64-157.20 thumping of Trump Towers. Those numbers probably made Cleveland Steamers cry because their 160.68 points would have won them the weekly crown for best team.

The Bowl’s 127.38 would have only beat the undefeated Garoppolyse Now, who scored 126.28 to escape with a win over WATCH WHAT U SAQUON by just 1.38 points. Garoppolyse Now has been in some nailbiters so far this season, pulling off their second victory of the season by less than 1.5 points.

What’s an ACL anyways? Is still searching for a win while six teams are in a dog fight for positions in the standings with 2-3 records. Week five marked the first time this season that every team scored at least 100 points.

As mentioned earlier, Murray was not close to being the best player on the team. The best player in week five was Taylor, who put up 31.90 points which is the third-best total on the team this season. Recent free agent signing Zach Ertz had a lousy week replacing the injured George Kittle, officially on the IR now. Claypool had the third-best totals of any player on the team despite playing on the bench. Meanwhile, Justin Herbert led his Los Angeles Chargers to win over the Cleveland Browns and earned top honors with 46.82 points.

Pinstripe Bowl management made two roster adjustments in week five, cutting Peyton Barber, unproductive in his time with the team. Barber made his way back to the waiver wire after Claypool came back from the IR. However, Kittle joined the IR a few days later, leaving a gaping hole in the TE position. That’s when Ertz joined the team and underperformed when thrust into the starting lineup.

Weekly Move Total: 1/4 

Season Move Total: 4/50

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