’21 NFL Pick’em Week 5

Last week, 7 Rings leaped into the spotlight, earning their spot at the top of the standings. The momentum only seems to be picking up because another 11-5 finish kept the boys at number one.

If there were two words to describe what happened during week five of the NFL season, one would be injuries, and the other would be epic performances. Let’s find out how those two words had an impact on 7 Rings game selections.

Thursday Night Football

  • Favorite: Los Angeles Rams 68%
  • Underdog: @Seattle 32%
  • Pick: Los Angeles ✔
  • Commentary: The Rams may have inadvertly ended the Seahawks season.

Sunday Morning

  • Favorite: @Atlanta 83%
  • Underdog: New York Jets 17%
  • Pick: New York ×
  • Commentary: The funniest part of this event was someone at the head offices thought the Jets and Falcons were marketable.
  • Favorite: Green Bay 89%
  • Underdog: @Cincinnati 11%
  • Pick: Green Bay ✔
  • Commentary: The Packers are slowly becoming everyone’s favorite, just like every other year.
  • Favorite: @Minnesota 95%
  • Underdog: Detroit 5%
  • Pick: Minnesota ✔
  • Commentary: This game was emotional for both teams. 
  • Favorite: @Pittsburgh 62%
  • Underdog: Denver 38%
  • Pick: Denver ×
  • Commentary: Alright, who are the Pittsburgh Steelers? Also, what happened to the once undefeated Denver Broncos?
  • Favorite: @Tampa Bay 99%
  • Underdog: Miami 1%
  • Pick: Tampa Bay ✔
  • Commentary: Tom Brady is a legend, but we all knew that already. 
  • Favorite: New Orleans 59%
  • Underdog: @Washington 41%
  • Pick: Washington ×
  • Commentary: The general population was undecided, which means neither of these teams is a sure-fire bets.
  • Favorite: @Carolina 88%
  • Underdog: Philadelphia 12%
  • Pick: Carolina ×
  • Commentary: Raise your hand if you thought those first few victories were a fluke…
  • Favorite: Tennessee 93%
  • Underdog: @Jacksonville 7%
  • Pick: Tennessee ✔
  • Commentary: After this loss, the Jaguars are going “home” for a matchup on European soil, so at least theres is a silver lining.
  • Favorite: New England 95%
  • Underdog: @Houston 5%
  • Pick: New England ✔
  • Commentary: The Patriots look alright in these nail-biting situations.

Sunday Afternoon

  • Favorite: @Las Vegas Raiders 93%
  • Underdog: Chicago 7%
  • Pick: Las Vegas ×
  • Commentary: Injuries, excuses, and emails.  
  • Favorite: @Los Angeles Chargers 73%
  • Underdog: Cleveland 27%
  • Pick: Los Angeles ✔
  • Commentary: Everyone is now wondering if the Chargers are the AFC team to beat. How did this all happen??
  • Favorite: @Dallas 96%
  • Underdog: New York Giants 4%
  • Pick: Dallas ✔
  • Commentary: I wonder at what point of the game did they run out of ambulances at the stadium?  
  • Favorite: @Arizona 90%
  • Underdog: San Francisco 10%
  • Pick: Arizona ✔
  • Commentary: Even on subpar weeks, Arizona is still rockin’ and rollin’. 

Sunday Night Football

  • Favorite: @Kansas City 53%
  • Underdog: Buffalo 47%
  • Pick: Buffalo ✔
  • Commentary: A handful of broken ankles after this game. I bet the Chiefs bandwagon has some openings. 

Monday Night Football

  • Favorite: @Baltimore 97%
  • Underdog: Indianpolis 3%
  • Pick: Baltimore ✔
  • Commentary: Lamar Jackson was out doing things on Monday Night that Tom Brady never did. 

Below you can see how 7 Rings picks stacked up against other teams in the league.

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