4 Penn Plaza Bounce Back with Dominant Performance

4 Penn Plaza may be one of the new kids on the block, but they looked like one of the weakest teams during week one in the Pacific North West League. That was short-lived as the boys rebounded in grande fashion dominating their opponents Jam Y’all 2566.90-2103.40. 

They turned a crushing defeat in week one into a great victory triumph in a short time, scoring the most points of any team in the league to improve to 1-1 two weeks into the new campaign.

After spending the entire opening week’s matchup trailing, 4 Penn Plaza turned the tables on their opponents by holding the lead for all seven days. The closest Jam got to catching the Plaza was Friday when they cut the deficit to 176.40 points.

The Plaza averaged 366.70 points and ran the daily deficit to 291.37. They were the first team to reach 500, 1000, 1500, and 2000 points in the matchup.

After two weeks, 4 Penn Plaza is beginning to set the standard for points accumulated in rebounds, steals, and blocks. The team ranks first in offensive rebounds and rebounds on top of blocks. They are a close second in steals, double-doubles, and triple-doubles. Their free throw numbers improved slightly in the win, along with their overall point numbers.

As mentioned in the opening, the Plaza scored 2566.90 points, tops in the league during the week. Two other teams collected more than 2000 points while three teams barely reached 1900. Only Stephen A. Smith’s team won without getting 2000 points with 1877.60. They beat up their sister team, SAS Genius Team, who finished the week as the lowest-scoring team with 1431.20 points. 

Paul George (Los Angeles Chippers) had the best week of all the players, collecting 229.00 points. His stat line included 26 free throw attempts, 24 made, 33 three-point attempts, 11 threes, 105 points, one offensive rebound, 35 rebounds, 29 assists, seven steals, three blocks, and one double-double.  

PJ Washington (Charolette) scored the least points (31.70) of all his teammates, earning him the worst player of the week award. Washington’s stat line included six free throw attempts, four made, three three-point attempts, two threes, 18 points, two offensive rebounds, three rebounds, one steal, and two blocks. 

On the opponent’s side, Miles Bridges (Charolette) produced the most points for Jam Y’all finishing with 173.60. He scored 76 points and made 13 free throws and nine three-pointers while collecting 27 rebounds and 18 assists. Bridges’ numbers came 55.40 points short of George’s weekly totals. 

Team management did not perform any roster adjustments during their weekly matchup, as most players stayed healthy. Since the boys had built up a solid lead, there was no need to overreact to any game-time decisions or day-to-day absences.

Weekly Move Total: 0/25

Season Move Total: 3

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