4 Penn Plaza Embarrass Opponents in Lopsided Win

After a blowout loss in week one, the experts and other Pacific North West League teams probably thought that 4 Penn Plaza would be the league’s punching bag. The opening series loss only motivated the Plaza to come out and destroy opponents since then. 

In week two, the boys found themselves stacked up against Stephen A. Smith’s Team, who were 2-0 heading into this matchup. The experts figured this would be a beatdown, projecting an 849.03 point victory for the New Yorkers, only they went above and beyond to secure an 890.90 point win 2438.30-1529.40.

The matchup opened to a respectable 382.40-167.20 lead for the Plaza. The deficit was only 215.20, which could be overcome in six days. Unfortunately for Smith’s team, they never rallied and watched the deficit balloon by over a hundred points each day before it got to 890.90 on Sunday. 

It only took the boys until Wednesday to crack 1000 points, and by Saturday, they scored over 2000. Smith’s team took five days to reach the century mark and barely crossed 1500 points by Sunday came to a close.

The Plaza averaged 354.76 points with an average daily lead of 565.86. They never trailed in the matchup for the second consecutive week.

When examining team statistics, 4 Penn Plaza has already found its place at the top of several high-scoring categories. After three weeks, the boys rank first in both rebound columns and steals and blocks. They may be on a two-game winning streak but have seen a drop in double-doubles and triple-doubles.

The rest of the statistics have stayed the same. The Plaza has collected the third most points and ranked third in the free throw department. The lowest totals are in three-pointers, where they rank fifth in attempts and shots made. Outside of those categories, assists rank fourth, less than 30 points from the league leader.

In week two, Jam Y’all, fresh off their first loss of the season to the Plaza, rebounded to become the league’s highest-scoring team (2479.00) in week three. They beat out The Flight Attendant, who suffered their first loss of the season, despite scoring the third-highest total of the week. 

Three other teams scored less than 1600 points, and only the Manager-less Team managed to secure a victory with their 1588.30 points. As we close the book on week three, every team has found themselves on the losing end of the matchup while Stephen A. Smith’s Genius Team remains winless.

Despite having a slow start to his season, Andre Drummond (Philadelphia) had his best week to date with 206.70 points. His numbers broke down like this: 14 free throw attempts, eight made, 46 points, 28 offensive rebounds, 73 rebounds, nine assists, two steals, nine blocks, and three double-doubles.  

Jaden McDaniels (Minnesota) had the worse week of his all teammates with just 27.20 points. His stat line included a lot of single digits in limited playing times. He went 2/3 in free throws, 1/4 in three-pointers while scoring 11 points. He had eight total rebounds and just one assist, steal, and block. 

For the first time, this season the Plaza’s best player was outscored by an opponent’s best player. Smith’s team employed the services of LaMelo Ball (Charolette), who scored a team-best 237.60 points. His highlights included 70 points, 54 rebounds, 33 assists, 11 steals, and 11 free throws. Ball’s totals were 30.90 points better than Drummond but weren’t enough to overcome the rest of his team’s efforts.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, McDaniels had a short stay with 4 Penn Plaza as he made his way back to the waiver wire after a somewhat disappointing showing. In his place, the team acquired Tyrese Maxey of the Philadelphia 76ers. That move brings the team’s total to four transactions through three weeks of action.

Weekly Move Total: 1/25

Season Move Total: 4

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