4 Penn Plaza Brings the Rain Against Manager-less Team

4 Penn Plaza scored their third-best matchup total of the season, doubling up the Manager-less Team 2479.40-1136.40. This past week’s drubbing against a team without a manager isn’t the worst beatdown of the season; that occurred way back in week five against Stephen A. Smith’s Genuis Team, 2389.40-1051.41 for a difference of 1509.10 points.

The win gave the boys a record of 7-3 through ten weeks. 4 Penn Plaza has shown that last season was just a learning curve and that the strategy for this year has yielded all the rewards set out in the offseason.

For the third straight week, 4 Penn Plaza opened a matchup with a win and rolled for the next days to push their winning streak to three. The boys have not trailed for 18 straight days at the end of this matchup.

The experts projected a blowout in favor of Plaza, and they did not disappoint, overshooting the original projections (2342.65 points) and collecting 2479.40 instead. They averaged 354.20 points a day and ran the daily deficit to 783.69 points. The team’s lowest-scoring day was Tuesday with just 137.50, while bringing the house down on Wednesday with 742.60.

It took only three days before Plaza surpassed 1000 points and six days to climb past 2000. The Manager-less Team took four days to get to 500 before using the seventh day to barely cross 1000.

As discussed in the previous week’s matchup review, 4 Penn Plaza is running away with the rebound categories, holding down the first spot for the ninth consecutive week. Since the opening tip-off, the boys have also been the league’s best-blocking team. After a few weeks, the group became the number one seed in steals while finding a home in second when it comes to double-doubles.

The team was never built for a masterclass in free throws or three-pointers, so to rank in the top three and four of the category is still impressive.

The week 11 matchups were pretty easy to predict. The top three teams in the league all scored over 2000 points in their victory, leaving the bottom feeders in the dust. The Manager-less Team was the highest-scoring losing team with 1136.40. Stephen A. Smith’s teams barely scored over a thousand points with 1051.30 and 1014.00 points. 

4 Penn Plaza was the highest-scoring team, winning the weekly crown by just 6.90 points. The second-ranked team edged out the league’s best team, The Flight Attendant. Jam Y’all made up the winners circle with 2112.30 points.

Utah Jazz All-Star Rudy Gobert was having a quiet season, playing at the top of his game but sharing the spotlight with many of his teammates. He stepped up and claimed his first best player award in week nine. Since then, he has refused to relinquish the crown, earning his third straight award this past week. His most recent triumph made Gobert the first player to win three consecutive awards with half the season left to play. Gobert led the team with 212.10 points thanks to a stat line that read like this: 22/32 at the free-throw line, 72 points, 77 total rebounds, fou4 assists, one steal, nine blocks, and four double-doubles.

Andre Drummond (Philadelphia) had an off week on the court, collecting just 36.90 points in seven days. The 76ers center missed his only free-throw attempt, scored 10 points, collected 15 rebounds, and chipped in one assist, one steal, one block, and one double-double.

For the losers, their best player was Dallas Mavericks star Kristaps Porzingis. The former New York Knicks player had 166.80 points in the defeat. His stat line read 20/24 at the line and 6/17 from downtown. Then he collected 82 points to go along with 32 rebounds, 14 assists, three steals, and seven blocks.

Team management did not sign any free agents during this past matchup; however, they did execute two roster moves. After subpar outings, the team cut ties with Chimezie Metu (Sacramento) and Herbert Jones (New Orleans). 

Weekly Move Total: 8/25

Season Move Total: 17

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