League’s Best Team Sneeks By 4 Penn Plaza in Nailbiter

Everyone circled week 12 on the calendar. This past week’s matchup marks the first whole week of the new year, but it was the clash everyone was dying to see, first place, The Flight Attendant, versus second-place 4 Penn Plaza.

In one of the season’s closest contests, 4 Penn Plaza came within 18.60 points of earning their first win over their new nemesis. The experts projected that this battle of the titans would be close and intense, with just a 3.74 difference on the scoresheet. The two battled until the bitter end, and when the final buzzer sounded, both teams failed to live up to those initial projections, but the margin of defeat was much higher.

For 4 Penn Plaza, week 12’s defeat had to be the worse one of the season. The team may have already suffered losses, but nothing as close and gut-wrenching as this one. After the opening night, the boys fell behind by 101.20 points but stormed back to take a convincing lead on Tuesday. They held that lead for the next five days, holding off the Attendants rallies on Wednesday and Saturday before watching their significant lead evaporate by the end of Sunday.

Only four weeks ago, when Plaza lost to Jam Y’all, the boys had a lead heading into Sunday, only to lose when it mattered most. The team’s other two defeats were already decided by the weekend rolled around, and they were both at the hands of the Flight Attendants.

Both teams kept pace with one another, reaching 1000 and 2000 points on the same days. Things were so close that they even got 2400 points together on Sunday. Plaza’s best day was Monday which resulted in 425.80 points, and their largest lead was on Tuesday, 146.30 points.

For the last month or so, 4 Penn Plaza has stayed constant in their team statistics rankings. There is some space between third and first, but the team ranks in the top three in every category outside of third point attempts.

As mentioned in the opening, the war between The Flight Attendant and 4 Penn Plaza was the closest matchup of the week, if not the season. Despite all the bad blood between these two, Jam Y’all scored 2652.80 points and overcame Plaza in the standings to slide back into second place. 

Only Stephen A. Smith’s Team managed to win their matchup without scoring at least 2400 points. They snuck by the Manager-less Team by just 21 points, 1576.40-1555.40. Jam Y’all more than doubled up Smith’s Great Team by a blowout 2652.80-1238.20.

Milwaukee Bucks superstar Giannis  Antetokounmpo scored a team-high 196.00 points despite the loss. Giannis’ stat line was 34/43 at the free-throw line, 5/15 from downtown, 105 points, 33 total rebounds, 19 assists, two steals, two blocks, and two double-doubles.

De’Anthony Melton (Memphis) was the worse player of the week, scoring just 16.90 points. The Grizzles guard was 2/2 at the line, missed two three-point attempts, scored four points, and collected four rebounds, with three assists and one steal. 

The Attendants’ best player was James Harden (Brooklyn), who scored 181.70 points in the victory. His stat line read 24/28 at the line and 5/19 from downtown. The bearded wonder collected 79 points with 27 rebounds, 33 assists, two steals, three blocks, and a double-double.

In an attempt to run the gauntlet with the best team in the league, 4 Penn Plaza management didn’t hold back on their transactions in week 12. 

There were nine moves, two additions, and seven subtractions. Free agents who joined the team were Malik Monk (Los Angeles) and Herbert Jones (New Orleans), who returned for his second tour of duty.

Since a handful of key players returned from injury, management had to cut the following players to make room for the stars. Returned to the waiver wire were Mason Plumlee (Charolette), Cameron Johnson (Phoenix), Kevin Love (Cleveland), Robert Covington (Los Angeles), Darius Bazley (Oklahoma City), Jones, and Alec Burks (New York).

Weekly Move Total: 2/25

Season Move Total: 19

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