4 Penn Plaza Suffer A Major Setback in Week 13 Loss

4 Penn Plaza suffered a gut-wrenching loss to the best team in the league, and the schedule didn’t do them any favors the following week by pitting them against the second-best team in the league Jam Y’all. As two of the top teams in the league duked it out, Jam Y’all gained some breathing room in the standings with a solid win over Plaza 2374.60-2195.90.

The win gave Jam Y’all an impressive 9-3 record, while the loss dropped Plaza to a 7-5 record, just a handful of games ahead of fourth place.

After losing their week 12 matchup on the last day, 4 Penn Plaza opened up this grudge match with an 88.40 point lead, 420.70-332.30. The boys went to bed thinking they were gonna be alright in the matchup, but then the Tuesday night massacre occurred the Plaza boys never ever recovered.

Jam Y’all managed to turn an 88.40 point deficit into a 241.90 lead, a swing of 330.30 points. They continued to hold the lead in the matchup, which never dipped under 157.70 points, all the way to the finale, finishing off Plaza by 178.70 points.

Plaza’s best day was Wednesday, with 495.20 points, and it took four days to surpass 1000. They passed the 2000 threshold two days later, but Jam Y’all did too and kept the gap between the two teams at 262.70. Neither team reached 2500, with Plaza coming in under their initial projections while Jam collected an extra 3.09 points.

Week 13 was also the first time this season that 4 Penn Plaza held the lead for only one day of the matchup. In their other losses, they were either swept throughout the week or had significant leads.

It only took 13 weeks, but 4 Penn Plaza now ranks in the top third in every category; there are no fourth place rankings left. The best stats remain rebounds, steals, and blocks. Next up are double-doubles, triple-doubles, and assists. The boys rank third in all free throw and three-point categories, as well as third in baskets, scored.

Three teams scored over 2000 points in week 13, with 4 Penn Plaza the only team to post a loss. The Flight Attendant, the league’s top team, continues to destroy all the competition with 2492.90 points and a near-perfect 11-1-0 record. 

Despite putting up 2195.90 points, Plaza lost to Jam Y’all, who had the second-highest total of the week. Only Stephen A. Smith’s Team managed to collect a victory with just 1665.30 points scored, beating up on their sibling Smith’s Great Team, who had the lowest point total of the week.

Dejounte Murray (San Antonio) was the team’s best player with 242.90 points, the best total for any player to win the award this season. Despite the loss, his stat line was 8/13 at the free-throw line and 6/21 from downtown. Dejounte collected 104 points, 43 total rebounds, 33 assists, eight steals, one block, two double-doubles, and a triple-double.

One of the team’s worse players was Tyus Jones (Memphis), who only put up 17.50 points in a limited time. The Grizzles guard missed five three-point attempts, scored six points, and collected five rebounds, with four assists. 

Jam Y’all’s best player was Philadelphia 76ers star Joel Embiid, who scored the second-best total of all players with 234.30 points. His stats read 40/47 at the line and 3/14 from downtown. He collected 119 points with 48 rebounds, 18 assists, three steals, five blocks, and two double-doubles.

4 Penn Plaza was busy trying to keep pace with Jam Y’all. They executed 12 transactions, adding six players and dropping six.

Their signings included Malik Monk (Los Angeles), Robert Covington (Los Angeles), Brandon Clarke (Memphis), Jones (Memphis), Montrezl Harrell (Charolette), and Evan Fournier (New York).

Players were cycled in and out of the lineup based on performance which led to a variety of cuts, which included De’Anthony Melton (Memphis), Jones (Memphis), Clarke (Memphis), Fournier (New York), Dorian Finney-Smith (Dallas), and PJ Washington (Charolette).

Weekly Move Total: 6/25

Season Move Total: 25

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