4 Penn Plaza Punch Ticket to Semi-Finals Thanks to Seven Game Win Streak

4 Penn Plaza achieved a few franchise firsts when they closed out the 2021-22 regular season. First, the team earned a playoff spot that eluded them in their inaugural season. Second, they finished the campaign as the league’s second-best team, earning a first-round bye. The Penn Plaza boys will have week 21 off as they prepare for a semi-final matchup against the winner of Jam Y’all and Stephen A. Smith’s Genius Team.

Before the team pops the champagne and breaks out the t-shirts, let’s look back at the final matchup of the season, a drubbing of the worst team in the league, Smith’s Genuis Team 2698.90-1007.90.

At the end of this matchup, the regular season came to a close, a seventh straight series that Penn Plaza won. The seven-day sweep extended a franchise record, now at 60 days without the boys trailing by a single point.

On Monday, Penn Plaza opened the scoring by jumping up to a 348.20-121.10 lead, which was a deficit of just 227.10, the closest matchup ever got. The boys just continued to pile on the points, reaching 1300 by Wednesday and 2300 by Saturday. When the final buzzer sounded, they surpassed 2600 while Smith’s Geniins Team barely crossed 1000.

On Wednesday, the team’s best day was 538.80 points, one of three 500+ days of the week. They scored a low of 65.40 points on Thursday, but the deficit was already at 851.70 points. Penn Plaza averaged 385.56 a day and kept an average 981.24 point lead over their opponents.

Team management wanted to finish first in rebounds, steals, and blocks on draft day. When the final buzzer, the team achieved everything it set out to achieve. Everything on top of that, including double-doubles and triple-doubles, was just icing on the cake.

During the final week, the team jumped up to second in free-throw attempts, meaning that Penn Plaza was the first or second-ranked team in eight of the 12 categories, more than earning their second place in the standings.

Penn Plaza was still upset that they were upstaged in week 18 by The Flight Attendants as the league’s highest-scoring team that, ever since then, they refused to lose. As the reigning scoring team from week 19, the boys rolled to top marks again in week 20, beating out The Attendants in the process.

Jam Y’all, who held down the second seed for most of the season, won their final contest thanks to 2393.70 points. They beat up the Manager-less Team, who mustered up just 1033.60 points in the defeat. Smith’s team lost because of a 1353.10 points score, while their sibling team Smith’s Genuis Team, had the lowest total of all teams with 1007.90 points.

Julius Randle (New York) came through for the fantasy team named after the address where he plays real basketball. He led all his teammates with 238.50 points to earn his second ever best player award. Randle impressed at the foul line (25/31) and from downtown (17/36) while collecting 134 points. The big man had 40 rebounds and 17 assists, including four steals, three blocks, and two double-doubles.

Newly acquired DeMarcus Cousins (Denver) suited up for his second week of action with the team; however, he became the first player on the season to win back-to-back worse player awards. His 31,90 points were the lowest out of all his teammates. The Nuggets forward shot 4/6 from the line and 1/2 from beyond the arc. He collected 13 points with nine rebounds, three assists, one steal, and one block.

Somehow Smith’s Genius Team scored only 1007.90 points, and Nikola Jokic (Denver) scored 297.30. His efforts represented 29% of the team’s production. Jokic scored 29 free throws on 38 attempts but missed all 10 of his three-point attempts. On top of 119 points, he grabbed 66 rebounds, 36 assists, two steals, six blocks, four double-doubles, and one triple-double.

There were no additions to the roster, who were riding a seven-game win streak, but after a rather tough stretch, the team sent Cousins back to the free agency pool.

Weekly Move Total: 0/25

Season Move Total: 38

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