4 Penn Plaza Waltz Into Third Three-Game Win Streak

4 Penn Plaza set a few records in their inaugural season in 2020; two included a five-game winning streak and a five-game losing streak. So far in 2021, the boys have maxed out at four games but have accumulated a handful of three-game winning streaks.

After blowing past Stephen A. Smith’s twin teams, Plaza found themselves matched up against the Manager-less Team. This past week’s contest marked the third straight week that a real manager went head-to-head with an abandoned team.

Yahoo predicted a 2221.41-1221.90 victory for Plaza; however, each team exceeded those numbers, and the final result was worse than projected.

Plaza clean swept the week for the third straight week, holding the lead from Monday to Sunday. The matchup started with a deficit of 361.00 since the Manager-less Team only scored 74.90 points on opening night. 4 Penn Plaza stormed out of the gate, reaching 1200 points by Wednesday night. They surpassed 2100 en route to 2405.70 at the final buzzer three nights later.

Wednesday turned out to be their best day with 514.90 points, which turned out to be their largest lead during the week, 819.70 points. The Manager-less Team barely scored 1300 points, waiting until Friday night to reach the thousand-point mark. The computer run team came within 228.90 points of achieving the same amount of points as the final deficit turned out to be.

There are not a whole lot of blemishes on the Plaza statistical board. The team ranks third or better in all the categories, and if they finish the schedule with a few wins, there is no telling how high these rankings could go.

These statistics are always calculated based on where the team is and who is in the first place. When we break down each statistic, there’s no way to tell the gap between third and second; however, if we look across the board, there’s a wide gap between Penn Plaza and the top of the chart.

All three winners scored over 2400 points in their victories, with 4 Penn Plaza coming in last with just 2405.70. The Flight Attendants ranked first overall, led the way with 2665.00, with Jam Y’all wedged in the middle with 2589.50. Only Stephen A. Smith’s team scored more than 1400 points with a respectable 1935.10 in their loss. Smith’s other team scored a league-low 1236.20, and the Manager-less Team collected 1317.30.

The Plaza team could inch closer to Jam in the standings with a third consecutive win, trailing the second-best team by two wins. The Attendants continue to be the torchbearer with a 13-2 record.

Giannis Antetokoumpo (Milwaukee) was the first player picked in this season’s fantasy draft. With so much riding on his shoulders, it was no surprise to see the reigning NBA champion deliver his fifth-best player award of the season. He scored 203.80 points to guide his team to a third straight win. His stat line included shooting 26/32 at the free-throw line and then 6/13 from beyond the arch. Antetokoumpo collected 90 points, 39 total rebounds, 22 assists, one steals, five blocks, two double-doubles, and a triple-double.

Carmelo Anthony (Los Angeles) had the team’s lowest point total of the week with 56.70. His numbers included making four of his six free throws and connecting on seven of nine three-pointers. He finished with 31 points, 11 rebounds, two assists, and three blocks.

The best player in the matchup was Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic, who suited up for the Manager-less Team. He led all players with 230.70 points to a stat line: free throws 14/19, three-pointers 7/22, and 91 points. There were 36 rebounds, 36 assists, six steals, three double-doubles, and two triple-doubles. 

During this past week’s action, team management performed two roster adjustments. One involved Mason Plumlee (Charolette) rejoining the team as a free agent while cutting ties with Ivica Zubac (Los Angeles), who managed to see action in only one game. 

Weekly Move Total: 1/25

Season Move Total: 28

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