Plaza Boys Sweep Smith’s Team in Back-to-Back

Fantasy sports are no fun when people sign up to manage a team and then abandon them. Whoever runs the Stephen A. Smith teams in the Pacific North West league have not been seen or heard from since draft night. These two teams are at the bottom of the standings and don’t offer much competition when their name appears on the schedule.

For a team struggling to find wins like 4 Penn Plaza, back-to-back contests against Smith’s team offer a chance for a reset. After blowing two games in a row against teams still gunning for the top spot, the Plaza boys needed a bounce-back game to build their confidence for the last turn through the schedule, starting in just two weeks.

4 Penn Plaza and Smith’s Great Team both played to the Yahoo projections, with the boys coming 11.48 points shy while Smith’s team managed an additional 86.92 points. This win marked the fifth time Plaza managed to steal a victory despite failing to reach the computer projections.

After Monday, for the second straight week, Plaza grabbed an early lead (8.70) and never looked back, pushing their lead streak to 14 days. The single-digit deficit was the closest the matchup would get, with the lead just growing to 20.60 points after Tuesday before exploding to 239.90 points on Wednesday. Plaza managed to secure a 764.90 point victory when the final buzzer sounded, 2054.00-1289.10.

The highest-scoring day occurred on Thursday, when the team collected 502.60 points. The group crossed the thousand point mark on Friday and, within two days, surpassed two thousand points. The Smith boys also collected 1000 points on Friday before failing to score more than 300 points on the weekend.

Every week we examine team statistics, but we never dive deep into the weekly category records. As anyone can see, the Plaza team ranks in the top three in every statistical category; however, in the second graph, the boys rank fourth in assists. It is the only category in which the team ranks outside the top three.

4 Penn Plaza ranks first in eight of the 24 categories, which account for 33%. They hold a second-place ranking in three categories, so they are either first or second in 11 of 24, which means they are one of the best teams in 46% of the categories.

Only two teams surpassed 2000 points in week 15, leaving 66% of the league in the dust. The number one team, The Flight Attendant, ran the court with an impressive 2473.70 points, while the Plaza team came in second with 2054.00 points. 

Three teams have winning records, with the bottom three routinely the lowest scoring teams every week. Smith’s Great Team only has one win while their sibling Smith’s Team has four. The Manager-less Team (drafted by a computer) has five wins and is the best team of all the abandoned teams.

The dog fight is ultimately between three teams, and they all want to win, but the Plaza team has the most work to do.

Rudy Gobert (Utah) is the only player on 4 Penn Plaza to win three best player awards in a row; that was until Dejounte Murray (San Antonio) hit the court in week 15. The Spurs star chipped in 192.10 points to claim his third straight award, putting him in elite company with Gobert. His stats included such highlights as 11/13 at the free-throw line and 3/12 from downtown. Dejounte collected 64 points, 28 total rebounds, 33 assists, eight steals, two double-doubles, and a triple-double.

This week’s lowest scoring player was Ivica Zubac from the Los Angeles Clippers. The center went 3/4 at the line with seven points, 11 rebounds, three assists, and one block in limited playing time.

Smith’s team scored 1289.10 points, and Nikola Jokic (Denver) collected 287.10 points all by himself. That is 22% of his teams’ totals for those keeping track at home. His great week led all players thanks to some excellent numbers across the board. They included 21/21 at the line, 10/20 from downtown, 101 points, and 61 rebounds. He also collected 42 assists, seven steals, one block, two double-doubles, and one triple-double.

The team management had a few extra spots to fill because many players went down with injuries. In response to those moves, they signed Ayo Dosunmu (Chicago) and Zubac. After 15 weeks of basketball, management has only executed 27 signings. 

Weekly Move Total: 2/25

Season Move Total: 27

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