Your 2021-22 NBA Fantasy Champions: 4 Penn Plaza

The day was December 18, 2020. 4 Penn Plaza was born and entered the Bubble fantasy basketball league. The team didn’t find success that first season, but they found a new home in the Pacific North West League since the association was not renewed. Several months later, on April 3, 2022, 4 Penn Plaza became fantasy league champions. 

Their first championship was no walk in the park. The league’s best team (The Flight Attendant) for 22 weeks stood in the way, drooling at the opportunity to avenge a week 17 defeat that gave them a 16-3 record to finish the season. Despite everything they threw at Penn Plaza, a dozen roster moves kept the best lineup on the court at all times, which led to the eventual upset win.

The final score may have been 2943.30-2816.50, but unless someone watched the scores as the games progressed, no one would appreciate how close this matchup was. Penn Plaza finished all seven days clinging to a lead that never got over 150.70. They scored at least 329.40 points every day with a matchup best 526.90 on Sunday night with the title on the line.

Even though they were racking up the points, The Attendants took the lead several times throughout the day on Sunday, but the projections kept going up for Penn Plaza, meaning the late games were in their favor. The two teams battled each other every day, reaching the same scoring plateaus. Whether it was 1000 or 2000 or 2800, once Penn Plaza got the next number, the Attendants were right behind them.

The Attendants owned the Plaza team, starting the regular season campaign 3-0 against their future championship opponents before a shocking upset in week 17 gave Penn Plaza a glimmer of hope should the two teams ever meet again.

The 2021-22 campaign has come to a close, and Penn Plaza finished right where it wanted. They won a championship and finished first in the rebound categories while collecting the most steals and blocks, just like it was drawn up on the draft day. 

As the team celebrates, nothing in the chart below should be overlooked. Out of the 24 categories, Penn Plaza ranked third or better in all of them. Amongst the numbers are eight first-place finishes, six-second place finishes, and ten third-place finishes, which is not bad for a team in just their second season.

The fifth and sixth place were determined in the previous week’s action, leaving only two contests on the league’s schedule. This season’s medal winners all scored over 2000 points, with Jam Y’all securing the bronze medal with a 2053.30-1493.10 win over Stephen A. Smith’s Team. Despite not having a manager for the bulk of the season, Smith’s Team somehow made it into the medal round and beat out a computer-controlled team.

Giannis Antetokoumpo (Milwaukee) was an NBA champion in the spring of 2021 and has a legit chance to make it two in a row in 2022. He was Penn Plaza’s first pick in the draft’s opening round, and when the season ended with a ring, Giannis earned his eighth-best player award in the final. He put up some outstanding numbers with the game on the line, shooting 26/37 at the line and 2/10 from beyond the arc. On top of 112 points scored, he collected 48 rebounds, 14 assists, four steals, three blocks, and three double-doubles. 

Evan Mobley (Cleveland) scored a team-low 11.20 points in a minimal role. He missed his free-throw attempts and scored six points, with four rebounds and an assist.

The Attendants didn’t go down without a fight, having three players scoring over 200 points, with Tyrese Haliburton (Indianapolis) leading the way with 239.80. The shooting guard shot 17/20 from the line and connected on 10/21 three-pointers. He scored 89 points with 21 rebounds, 44 assists, nine steals, five blocks, and three double-doubles. 

As pointed out in previous recaps, The Pacific North West League has a roster transaction limit of 25 moves a week. Penn Plaza management wouldn’t let a moment like this pass and executed a season-high 31 roster moves to fill positions every day. There were 15 free agent signings and 16 players sent to the waiver wire. 

On March 28, Killian Hayes (Detroit) was cut, and Tyus Jones (Memphis) along with De’Anthony Melton (Memphis) was signed. Then on March 29, De’Aaron Fox (Sacramento), Ricky Rubio (Indianapolis), Norman Powell (Los Angeles), Trendon Watford (Portland), Tyus Jones (Memphis), and Franz Wagner (Orlando) were all cut, while Isaiah Hartenstein (Los Angeles) was the only signing. 

The next day, March 30, more players were cut: Bobby Portis (Milwaukee) and Saddiq Bey (Detroit), while Will Barton (Denver), Theo Maledon (Oklahoma), and Donte DiVincenzo (Sacramento) joined the ranks. There on March 31, PJ Washington (Charolette) and DiVincenzo were released, with Khris Middleton (Milwaukee) and Kevin Huerter (Atlanta) filled in their spaces. 

As the calendar flipped to April, the moves didn’t stop. After a few days off, Damian Jones (Sacramento), Wagner, DiVincenzo, and Buddy Hield (Indianapolis) rejoined the team. Then on April 2, Melton was released, and Draymond Green (Golden State), Bogdan Bogdanovic (Atlanta), and Bojan Bogdanovic (Utah) were recruited. 

On the final day of the season, the last three moves were roster cuts to make room for players scheduled to start. The three players sent back to free agency were Huerter and the two Bogdanovic brothers. 

Weekly Move Total: 15/25

Season Move Total: 62

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