4 Penn Plaza Headed to NBA Fantasy Championship

In 2020-21 team owners launched 4 Penn Plaza. Their first season was met with lukewarm results and a spot in the consolidation tournament. Fast forward a calendar year, and the franchise finds itself through the semifinals of the championship bracket and is headed for the title game next week. 

Jam Y’all was the one team that stood in the way for most of the season. Whether it was their stranglehold on the second seed or they seemed to dominate the boys when they met up. Plaza had its hands full in this semifinals matchup and pulled all the right strings to achieve the impossible.

All streaks and records are meant to fall. For seven straight weeks, Penn Plaza collected one win after another and, in that time, never trailed for a single day. Jam Y’all managed to break the streak for the first time in months, earning a 358.10-222.10 lead after Monday night. 

After Tuesday, Penn Plaza responded to adversity, reclaimed the matchup lead, and held on to it until Thursday. Up by 101.60 points after four days, it was the largest lead the team would have because a low-scoring Friday gave the ball back to Jam, along with a 50.90 point lead. 

As both teams crossed over 1900 points, Penn Plaza escaped Saturday with a narrow 58.10 lead and held on for a 45.20 point win after Sunday night. This semifinals victory marked the second straight win over Jam, who was 2-1 against Penn Plaza until week 18. 

The daily deficit was 74.80, with Penn Plaza winning five of the seven days. Their best day was Wednesday with 524.80 points and followed up with their lowest total of 211.90 on Thursday.

Although Penn Plaza did not play in week 21, having earned a bye thanks to a second-place finish, Yahoo sports calculated their points anyways. The differences from the week off can be seen across the board, although no one here was keeping track of the statistics. 

The Penn Plaza boys rank first or second in eight of the twelve categories they track numbers in with only one game left. Except for free throws made, three-pointers, and points scored, it can be argued that this team is one of the best in fantasy land. 

The Flight Attendant, the league’s best team for the entire season, earned their spot in the championship dance with a thousand-point beat down of Stephen A. Smith’s Team, who was fortunate enough to be in the playoffs. As usual, the Attendants were the best team of the week with 2520.70 points scored. Penn Plaza was second with 2326.80, while Jam Y’all was the only other team in the 2000 point club with 2281.60.

Smith’s other team (Genius) no-showed their consolation game with a season-low 740.50 points. The Manager-less Team collected 1354.60 points in the win, finishing the campaign in fifth place. After this week, Jam Y’all will meet up with Smith’s Team in the bronze medal game.

RJ Barrett is considered the future of the New York Knicks. He is a star in the making and has shown he can carry the team when given the opportunity. When Penn Plaza needed him to be that star, RJ rewarded the manager with a season-best performance, scoring 176.70 points. He went 30/40 from the line and made seven threes on 29 attempts. Barrett finished the week with 99 points and 41 rebounds. After all that, he chipped in 11 assists, four steals, and a double-double. 

Patrick Williams (Chicago) was the team’s lowest scoring player with just 12.70 points. The power forward had just seven points, collecting a three-pointer, three rebounds, and one block. 

Kevin Durant (Brooklyn) was the star player of the matchup with 242.90 points. His heroic efforts were undermined because Jam lost the matchup by 45.20 points. Durant finished the week with 122 points, shooting 28/29 from the line and 8/27 from beyond the arc. The Nets star collected 32 rebounds, 28 assists, eight steals, three blocks, and a double-double on the court.

The Pacific North West League has a roster transaction limit of 25 moves a week. To make it to the championship, the team manager would exercise his right to move players in and out to keep the matchup as competitive as possible. Between the opening tip-off and final buzzer, 17 players were moved, securing the win.

Here is a breakdown of all the moves, first the free-agent signings: Saddiq Bey (Mar 21), Franz Wagner and Robert Covington (Mar 22), Tre Mann (Mar 23), Otto Porter Jr. (Mar 25), Keldon Johnson and Trendon Watford (Mar 26), Killian Hayes and PJ Washington (Mar 27). Some of those players only suited up for a day or two, so it was no surprise to see a handful of them on the waiver list, which included names like Chuma Okeke and Jalen Smith (Mar 21), Jae’Sean Tate and Patrick Williams (Mar 22), Porter Jr. and Draymond Green (Mar 26), Covington and Buddy Hield (Mar 27).

Weekly Move Total: 9/25

Season Move Total: 47

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