’19 Fantasy Baseball Week 10


The tenth week of Yahoo’s Fantasy Baseball covered games between Monday, June 3 to Sunday, June 9, 2019. Ondskans Imperium pulled off a miracle upset over the first place Dodge This. It was the first series win in five weeks.


To be honest with everyone that after many weeks of defeats, low scores, and a significant drop in the standings, we decided it was time to blow everything up.

Our first order of business was to update our trading block. Hold your breath, no one ended up interested in our superstar offers. The big names we wanted to part with included Mike Moustakas (INF – MIL), Edwin Diaz (RP – NYM), Gerrit Cole (SP – Houston), Justin Verlander (SP – Houston), and Noah Syndergaard (SP-NYM). The only players we were seeking in return were New York Yankees guys. It didn’t matter if we traded for Aaron Judge (IR) or Giancarlo Stanton (IR), we just wanted to collect guys who donned the Pinstripes.

Hidden in the free-agent market was Gio Urshela (INF – NYY), who we signed and dropped slumping Nick Ahmed (SS – ARI) in his place. The Yankee pickups continued when we grabbed Aaron Hicks (OF – NYY), after he returned from a back injury, and dropped Ryan Pressly (RP – Houston) to make room.

Also on the chopping block was Marwin Gonzalez (INF – Houston), who did little to nothing for us in the few days we had him in the lineup.

Weekly Move Total: 2/4

Season Move Total: 24/60

MATCHUP AND SCORESweek10boxscore

Pitching has been the strength of our team all season, so it was weird to win four out of five batting categories and lost three of five pitching ones! The score was closer than the numbers led you to believe, but it was nice to get back in the win column.


After Monday’s tie score, we expected that the worse was yet to come. After scoring a massive day on Wednesday, we gained the upper hand in the matchup and never looked back. Things looked dicey over the weekend, but our guys finally came through with great days at the plate.


Sorry to say we never took a screenshot of the standings after week 10. 



Baseball is funny in the sense that one week your team can be terrible and the next one has the best lineup in the league. Hot and cold streaks happen all the time, which means we jumped a few places in the batting categories after a winning week.

Despite losing many pitching categories, we somehow took over first place in several other ones. Our original draft strategy is working at 30 % right now, so we are halfway to that goal of leading six categories!


We needed two stolen bases to clean sweep the five hitting categories, and as you can see, there was nothing left on the bench.

The 0.341 batting average would have helped us move up in the league-leading categories, but none of the points we left on the bench would have affected the match up at all.


Best Hitter: Mike Moustakas – INF Milwaukee (5th Week in a Row)
15 points = 5 R / 4 HR / 6 RBI / 0 SB / 0.333 BA

Worse Hitter: David Peralta – SS Arizona
2 points = 1 R / 0 HR / 1 RBI / 0 SB / 0.111 BA

Best Pitcher: Gerrit Cole – SP Houston 
14 points = 0 W / 14 Ks / 1.29 ERA / 0.57 WHIP

Worse Pitcher: Marcus Stroman – SP Toronto
4 points = 0 W / 4 Ks / 9.53 ERA / 1.59 WHIP

Stay tuned for next’s week recap of the Ondskan Imperium 2019 Fantasy Baseball season.



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