’19 NFL Pick’Em Week 7

We came within two losses of the first perfect week of the season.

Thanks to last week’s debacle, we rebounded in style with a 12-2 showing. The 12 wins are a season-high and smashed our season average of eight correct picks.

It is still going to take a miracle to pull off a first-place finish, but if we only lose a handful of games a week, who knows.

Once Upon a Time in NE Picks


Thursday Night Football: Kansas City @ Denver (+1)

Things just got really interesting in Kansas City.

Los Angeles @ Atlanta (+1)

The Falcons are one of the least threatening teams in the NFL. Julio Jones deserves better. #freejulio

Miami @ Buffalo (+1)

Miami only lost by 10. The Bills are the second-best team in the division, so that’s got to mean something, right?

Jacksonville @ Cincinnati (+1)

Cincinnati is worse than Miami. Enough said.

Minnesota @ Detroit (+1)

Imagine if Minnesota didn’t play in the same division as Green Bay. They’d be a shoo-in for the playoffs.

Oakland @ Green Bay (+1)

I can’t wait for Aaron Rodgers to retire already. The guy is a bum.

Houston @ Indianapolis (+1)

The Colts look like a team to beat headed towards the playoffs.

Arizona @ New York Giants (+1)

The Giants teased the world with back to back wins. Now they are a mess.

San Francisco @ Washington (+1)

This had to be the most boring game of the season. (9-0)

Los Angeles Chargers @ Tennessee (+1)

I want to believe in the Titans. They have a better record than Los Angeles, who are supposed to be contenders.

New Orleans @ Chicago (+1)

Do the Saints really need Drew Brees back?

Baltimore @ Seattle (-1)

When did Seattle decide to start losing games at home? The Ravens are last year’s Chiefs.

Sunday Night Football: Philadelphia @ Dallas  (-1)

Dallas showed up for Prime Time.

Monday Night Football: New England @ New York Jets (+1)

The Jets should have conceded the game right after the coin toss.

Standings & Group Picks

For the first time this season, we led the pack with 12 correct picks. Some players had subpar weeks, and those numbers really hurt them in the standings.

We jumped out of the last place, but remain a whole week’s worth of correct picks out of first. Had we even had a handful of right picks in week six, we could have staked a claim to the top four.


Stay tuned for next week’s picks!

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