’19 Canyon of Heroes Week 5

Week five brought our losing streak to four games. We haven’t come close to a win since week one.

The season marches on, and our free fall in the standings hasn’t stopped yet. If we dig ourselves too much of a hole before Christmas, it may be hard to carry on in the second half.



Heroes may have won the goals and plus/minus categories, but they got easily handled in the remaining six-player categories. Only the shots on goal category wasn’t a double-digit defeat.

Goaltending, which has been our strength all year, played a very subpar week, which cost us two of the four categories.


The majority of our fantasy weeks start out strong. This week was no exception, with a 5-4 lead both on Monday and Tuesday. At the midway point, the tide turned, and it was all downhill from there. We made things close on Saturday, only to lose more ground by the end of Sunday.



Our apologies for not taking a screenshot of the standings after Week 5. 



In a fourteen team league, we are the worse offensive team assembled. The only two categories we don’t rank at the bottom are game-winning goals and hits. Although if we have a terrible week in any of those categories, we could end up even lower.

Like we mentioned in an earlier section, goaltending is our greatest asset. We rank first overall in wins and shutouts. Our five goalie platoon also ranks seventh in goals against and ninth in save percentage. There is room to improve, but if we were to progress anywhere, it would be upfront.



Thanks to daily roster moves. We didn’t leave a whole lot of points on the bench. The points that weren’t registered wouldn’t have affected the matchup all that much, and we would have still lost 6-4-2.

It would be hard to calculate the goalie totals into the final outcome. We had already won the wins and goals-against categories, while neither team collected a shut out during the matchup. If you factor in the teams 0.913 save percentage from the bench, we win that category 0.900 to 0.896, thus altering the final score 5-5-2.


Best Player – Anthony Mantha – Detroit Red Wings – 28 points

Worse Player: Ryan McDonough – Tampa Bay Lightning – 3 points


On November 6, 2019, we executed our team’s first trade of the season.

In a blockbuster six-player deal, Canyon of Heroes dealt away LW Taylor Hall (New Jersey), C Jordan Staal (Carolina), and G Pekka Rinne (Nashville) to Pray for Mojo.

In return, we acquired the following players: LW Anders Lee (New York Islanders), C/LW Brock Nelson (New York Islanders), and G Henrik Lundqvist (New York Rangers).

On November 10, 2019, we made another transaction when we signed free agent defenceman Zdeno Chara (Boston). We dropped fellow rearguard Ryan McDonagh (Tampa Bay).

Weekly Move Total: 1/4 

Season Move Total: 3/60

Stay tuned for next’s week recap of the Canyon of Heroes 2019-20 fantasy hockey season. 

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