’19 Canyon of Heroes Week 21

In case you didn’t know, this will be Canyon of Heroes’ final season in the King Bros fantasy league. Since we didn’t qualify for the playoffs, Week 21 was our last game.

Thanks for the memories!


Canyon of Heroes played their last game, much like they played all season, politely throwing away the offensive categories to their opponents while securing three out of the four goalie ones.

Our five points broke down like this: nine extra shots, 26 extra hits, three more wins, and a 1.42 better GAA to go along with a 0.054 better save percentage.

The five categories we lost were as follows, goals by three, points by six, so ultimately a nine-point difference. They scored an extra game-winning goal, and we were 10 digits worse with plus/minus.

Both teams scored nine power-play points, and no one was able to collect a shut out.

Except for a few weeks, Canyon of Heroes always found themselves behind at the end of Monday’s games. The team didn’t feel like breaking from tradition in the final week and trailed for the first three days.

After a two day swing in our favour, we were behind the eight ball again on Saturday before rallying for the tie on Sunday.


We tried to look back at last season’s record, and because we are still in the current season, there’s no option to look deep in the record books.

But if memory serves right, we improved this season, despite falling short of the playoffs for the second straight season. It was back to back down years after losing in the semi-finals in our first season in the league.


Since we won three of the four goalie categories, Henrik Lundqvist’s relief appearance had no impact on the final score. Also, Derick Brassard found himself on the bench for three games, collecting a handful of points, but nothing of significance to break the 5-5-2 tie.

Now the season is over, we can stop calculating the team statistics. We already knew after two five-game losing streaks, we were indeed one lousy team when it came to scoring points.

Our saving grace would have been our goalies, so who battled night in and night out to keep our team afloat and in the hunt for most of the season.


Best Player – Timo Meier – San Jose Sharks – 47 points

Worse Player: Zdeno Chara – Boston Bruins – 10 points


Canyon of Heroes did not make any final roster moves in their last week of the season.

Weekly Move Total: 0/4 

Season Move Total: 11/60

Stay tuned for next’s week recap of the Canyon of Heroes 2019-20 fantasy hockey season. 

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