’20 Fantasy Baseball Week 2

It may have taken a late rally on the weekend, but after trailing the series for the entire week, BD4 battled the first-place team to a 5-5 tie. The rally kept us out of the last place for the second straight week. 

SF Sports Night

We may have an 8-12 record and sit in the ninth place, but we knocked Jamie’s Team out of first with a 5-5 tie. Our guys suited up for 35 more games, which meant we had the opportunity to win but had to settle for a tie. 

When it was all said and done, we had fewer at-bats (235-229) but 16 more hits (59-43). Both teams split the batter and pitcher categories 3-2 for the 5-5 tie. Three groups were decided by one point, which meant it really was anyone’s game. BD4 won runs 29-28 and saves 2-1, but lost home runs 9-8. We knocked in more RBIs 28-21, and they stole two extra basses (5-3). They dominated in the wins category 7-2 and had a much better ERA, 3.13-4.94. BD4 won the batting title for the week by a 0.258 to 0.183 margin and was awarded the WHIP category, despite both teams notching 1.13 apiece. 

The matchup was never in our favour throughout the seven days, but we managed to secure some points when the weekend rolled around, and the Yankees played a doubleheader on Saturday. Their four games in the final three days of the matchup really helped us rally from trailing 6-4 most of the week. 

SF Sports Night

Luke Voit hit a home run on August 5, which would have broken our 5-5 tie, and alter the final score in our favour 5-4-1. It would have given us our first victory of the season. Unfortunately, we didn’t have him in the lineup, especially on a day he went 2 for 3 at the plate. 

SF Sports Night

Thanks for a terrible start by DODGE this! we are a few games out of the last place, which is where we were projected to spend the entire season. Although to be fair, we are only half a game behind newcomer TheLittleDrummerBoy and one full game behind Chod’s Team, who sit in the seventh place. 

To be quite honest, we may be four games under 0.500 but quite impressed with the way things have gone in our favour so far this season.

SF Sports Night

Since there are only seven matchups during this short fantasy season, instead of writing out the numbers of our studs and duds, we decided to just share the numbers from our spreadsheet.

Gio Urshela continues to shine for the Yankees, racking up 12 points for our fantasy team. James Paxton threw a gem against Tampa Bay, only to blow an 11 strikeout performance in the late innings. He was still our best pitcher. 

Gleyber Torres has had a prolonged start at the plate, and a lot of focus is on his position in the lineup. He had miserable numbers collecting two points and batting 0.130. J.A. Happ is also struggling but on a much higher level. His numbers only ballooned up in his second start of the season, resulting in him being our worse pitcher for the second straight week. 

SF Sports Night

Addition / Waivers – August 8, 2020, 1:43 pm -signed free agent Mike Ford, dropped Miguel Andujar.

In preparation for the 30 man roster to drop down to 28, the Yankees sent utility player Miguel Andujar to the alternate training site. Mike Ford stayed with the big club and should get his fair share of playing time at first base or at DH. 

Weekly Move Total: 1/4 

Season Move Total: 3/40

Stay tuned for next’s week recap of the BD4 2020 Fantasy Baseball season. 

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