’20 Fantasy Football Week 2

Pinstripe Bowl lost a close matchup to WATCH WHAT U SAQUON in week two, 139.32 to 136.44. Despite some great performances from quarterback Kyler Murray (Arizona) and wide receiver Stefon Diggs (Buffalo), The Bowl failed to gather enough points on Monday Night Football to overcome the 2.88 deficit. 

In week two, Pinstripe Bowl got an early lead with 17.40 points on Thursday night. The boys maintained that lead into Sunday afternoon before losing it during Sunday night football. The Bowl still had a slight chance to grab a win during Monday Night football, but their star running back (Josh Jacobs – Las Vegas) was going against the New Orleans Saints defence. It was never going to be a win-win situation on the night, since neither managed to meet their projections, thus costing us the chance to remain undefeated. 

When you lose a matchup by less than three points, you can sit back and overanalyze the numbers a thousand different ways. Five of our nine starters failed to meet their projections. If only Derrick Henry (TEN), Josh Jacobs (Las Vegas), or Dan Bailey (MIN) had managed to meet their predictions, we could have won by a few points. 

Henry had the worse week because he failed to reach double digits on the scoresheet, despite being predicted for 19.15. Meanwhile, we can’t blame Anthony Miller for failing to meet his 11.05 projections, since he never played in the game. 

Our week two defeat may turn out to be one of the closet matchups all season. Meanwhile, Trump Towers ended up on the wrong side of the worse beatdown so far, losing 178.60-84.36, a point spread of 94.04! 

Lamar, the Merrier! became the highest-scoring team so far, with a whopping 180.70 points, just 34.66 more than KicknCoffinCorners. 

Five teams managed to score more than 140 points, while the two teams who scored in the 130s were in the same matchup. Trump Towers became the first team to not score at least 100 points in a matchup.

It only took two weeks before Lamar the Merrier! found their way to the top spot of the league. The defending league champions have only lost two games since the start of last season. 

Two teams remain undefeated, while two teams have yet to find the win column. The other six teams, including Pinstripe Bowl, are deadlocked at one win and one loss.

Best Player in Starting Lineup:  Kyler Murray- QB Arizona
Points: 34.14   Projected Points: 24.73     Stat Line: 2 TDs 286 yards

Worse Player in Starting Lineup: Derrick Henry – RB Tennessee
Points: 8.40     Projected Points: 19.15     Stat Line: 84 yards

Best Player on the Bench: Diontae Johnson – WR Pittsburgh
Points: 23.20    Projected Points: 13.34     Stat Line: 1 TD 92 yards

Best Player in the League: Aaron Jones – RB Green Bay (Pleasantly Plump)
Points: 45.60     Projected Points: 17.76    Stat Line: 2 TD 168 yards

Pinstripe Bowl did not make any roster moves during their week two matchup.

Weekly Move Total: 0/4 

Season Move Total: 0/50

Stay tuned for next’s week recap of Pinstripe Bowl’s 2020 Fantasy Football season. 

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