’20 Fantasy Football Week 9

On the back of one of the NFL’s hottest quarterbacks, Pinstripe Bowl rolled to their fourth straight win, staying a game ahead of their competition in the standings.

This week’s 50.90 point victory was the league’s largest margin of victory and improved our overall record to 6-3, which is three games over the magical 0.500 mark.

Our matchup may have officially started on Thursday night, but neither our team nor Pleasantly Plump had any players in the game. With a clean slate on Sunday morning, both teams scored all their matchup points between kick-off and sundown on the weekend’s biggest day. 

Plump jumped out to an early lead, however Bowl took over at the halfway point and continued to pile on the points as the day wound down. 

Every week we break down our player’s performances. Even though we are in the midst of a four-game winning streak, Pinstripe Bowl continues to have more players failing to meet their projections than those who do. Our victories come off the backs of a handful of players going above and beyond to carry the rest of the guys.

Kyler Murray (Arizona) continues to tear up defences both in the air and the ground. Thankfully our team didn’t have to rely on Tom Brady (Tampa Bay), who had one of the worse games of his career against New Orleans. He was a team worse -17.24 against his projections. 

Our running backs, who usually help share the load with Murray, had a bad week, failing to meet their projections by -12.78 points. The receiving corps was carried by free agent pick up Christian Kirk (Arizona), who scored 11.35 more points than the experts projected. Stefon Diggs overachieved by 1.93 points while Diontae Johnson came in just 0.33 points over his projections. 

Special teams have been a saving grace in previous weeks yet failed to mustard up enough points to meet their projections. Their combined 7.00 points were 8.04 points less than what we were expecting. 

Despite securing the largest margin of victory of the week, Pinstripe Bowl only scored the third-highest amount of points, behind Lamar (166.50) and Cleveland (155.88). We were fortunate enough to play the second-lowest scoring team of the week, Pleasantly (83.12), who scored about 20 more points than Chod’s Team (62.98), who now owns the lowest weekly score of the season.

Pinstripe Bowl hopped into second place in week nine and held on to their position during week nine. KerryMy Johnson remains the top team in the league because they have scored 41.42 more points than us. The two other teams with winning records, Lamar and Chod’s, remain fighting to see who finishes in the higher playoff seed. 

Five teams continue to struggle with 4-5 records, and Pleasantly Plump claims the bottom spot in the standings with their 3-6 record. 

For the second time this season, Pinstripe Bowl had the league’s highest-scoring player in their lineup. Kyler Murray picked up the mantle left by Derrick Henry (Tennesee), who won the title way back in week six. Even though his Cardinals lost to Miami and their rookie quarterback, Murray continues to be one of the best players in all fantasy. 

Indianapolis was headed into a tough matchup against the Tennessee Titans, and we were worried they wouldn’t be able to hold back all the offensive weapons the Titans have. Our gamble with dropping the Colts and signing the Atlanta Falcons didn’t pay off since the birds only put up 3.00 points while the Colts went on to secure 10 points. 

Since the Falcons head into their bye week in week 10, we will be on the lookout for a new defensive lineup to score more than three points, our lowest output of the season. 

Weekly Move Total: 1/4 

Season Move Total: 15/50

Stay tuned for next’s week recap of Pinstripe Bowl’s 2020 Fantasy Football season. 

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