’20 Fantasy Football Week 10

Pinstripe Bowl vaulted into first place in Ladies and Edelman, a franchise first in this league. The week 10 victory provided the Bowl with their first shot at the top spot since 2017 when Dawn of the Patriots jumped out to a 6-0 record and was number one. Our current 7-3 record is the second-best mark we’ve had as a franchise so late in a season. Way back in 2016, we were 8-0 before dropping the rest of the schedule and failing to make the playoffs. For history to repeat itself this season, we would need to lose our next four contests and finish 7-7. 

We jumped out to an early 11.90-3.10 lead on Thursday night when Derrick Henry and the Tennessee Titans lost to the Indianapolis Colts. That narrow lead was all the momentum we needed as we rolled to a 164.00-118.82 victory, securing the league’s third-highest blowout of the week, 45.18 points.

Our victory was never in doubt by the time Sunday night ended, and all Trump Towers could hope for was additional points on Monday night to lessen the margin of victory. 

As the scores kept coming in and games started to end, we were so disappointed in our judgement not to play Ronald Jones II (Tampa Bay). After getting blown out of the stadium by New Orleans the week before, the whole world knew the Buccaneers would rebound and rebound they did. It was a toss-up between Jones II and Christian Kirk (Arizona), who continues to score about 20 points a week. We decided to stick with the hot hand despite the fact he was playing against a solid defence in Buffalo. The final score worked out in the end, but the difference of 18.10 could have cost us a matchup. 

In an alternate world, we could have produced our best winning lineup of the season. We still had eight out of the 10 starters exceed their projections, but if Jones II had been in the lineup instead of Kirk, it would have been nine. Meanwhile, Henry came in under his projections for the fifth time this season. Despite being one of the league’s elite, defences are wise to his act. 

Jones II was our best player against the spread (+14.59), despite being on the bench. He was joined by Las Vegas back Josh Jacobs (+13.79) and Tom Brady (Tampa Bay) with a +13.12 score. Our gamble on defence almost didn’t pay off since Seattle barely exceeded their projections by just 0.74 points. 

For the second time this season, Pinstripe Bowl was able to pile up the most points in a matchup, failing to best their season-high from week six (164.92). As mentioned in the opening, this win in week 10 allowed the Bowl to hop into the league’s top spot. 

In the latest round of games, three teams failed to score 100 points, and the largest margin of victory was between Lamar the Merrier! and Chod’s Team. The 77.32 point defeat was the league’s third-largest blow out of the season.

It took 26 weeks of football, but Pinstripe Bowl finally moved into the league penthouse. Our stay here may be short-lived since we still have four games left this season. Although if the season did end today, we would be the number one seed and play the fourth-seeded Cleveland Steamerz in the opening round. 

The final four playoff spots will go down to the wire since the three teams with 5-5 records all have a shot at the top spot. If we were looking at long-shots, Pleasantly Plump, who sits at 3-7 and in the basement, could win four straight and finish 7-7. Right now, Plump (5 straight losses) and Chod’s Team (6) are struggling to stay alive as the season winds down.

In a shocking twist of events, Pinstripe Bowl had the league’s highest-scoring player for the straight week! Even though he didn’t see any action in our lineup, Tom Brady went on to score 34.84 points in his victory. 

Meanwhile, Kyler Murray (Arizona) was our best starter for the second straight week, fifth overall. 

We pointed out that swapping out team defences every week has been hit and miss during our week nine recap. In week 10, we let someone else make the decision for us. When presented with the following options, Seattle Seahawks, Los Angeles Rams, or Minnesota Vikings, my wife choose Seattle. Out of the three options, the Seahawks scored the least amount of points, but we still secured the win, so in the end, it didn’t matter.

Before Monday Night football, we had a few roster spots open due to injures, so we grabbed the Vikings defence, who have a juicy matchup in week 11 against the lowly Dallas Cowboys.

If you want to remain one of the top teams, you always got to be on your toes and look ahead. 

Weekly Move Total: 2/4 

Season Move Total: 17/50

Stay tuned for next’s week recap of Pinstripe Bowl’s 2020 Fantasy Football season. 

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