’20 Fantasy Football Week 11

There’s a saying in sports that is, “you can’t win them all.” WATCH WHAT U SAQUON was finally able to bring Pinstripe Bowl’s five-game winning streak to an end in Week 11. The loss also knocked the Bowl out of first place, who were lucky enough to hold the top spot for a single week.

With only three weeks left in the season, the battle for a playoff spot is only going to get intensified, which means this defeat was a minor bump towards reaching that goal that can’t be repeated. 

Both teams had a handful of players who suited up on Thursday night. Our leading star, quarterback Kyler Murray (Arizona), found himself on the wrong side of a loss against Seattle, which cost him his throwing arm. Despite staying in the game, he was never the same after going down in the first half. His numbers reflected the injury with his lowest output of the season, 22.26 points.

We were fortunate enough to hold the lead into Sunday morning despite one of our top performers not giving it their best. SAQUON pulled ahead on Sunday after scoring 94.90 points compared to our 75.50. They held a 116.98-106.76 lead heading into Monday night. 

Our best chance to salvage a come from behind victory rested on the shoulders of Ronald Jones II and Ryan Succop, both of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Neither player even came close to matching their projections, which were bad for us since Cooper Kupp (Los Angeles) decided to have one of his best games, posting his second-highest numbers of the season with 25.50 points, which was more than enough to sink us. 

We lost our week 11 matchup because our guys just couldn’t score enough points. That’s the obvious answer when you lose. However, we finished a whopping 15.37 points under our projections. Only three people went above and beyond their estimates, but their even totals weren’t in any way spectacular, a combined 12.71 points above. 

Like every week, there are five winners and five losers. Out of the five losers, we were the highest-scoring team. We were also one of just two teams to score over 100 points in their defeats.

Top week 11 honours belonged to EarlThomas’Brother, who scored 156.94 points, yet they didn’t manage to secure the largest margin of victory. That went to Nukl Busters, whose 151.68-73.12 win over Cleveland Steamerz was a 78.56 point gap.

If you had asked us at the beginning of the season if we thought our team would be fighting for first place, we would have probably said no. In the short six-year run of our franchise, we’ve always started with a bang only to lay down for a nap at the end of the season. This year may be different, or it may be the same. That’s something we won’t be able to find out for another three weeks. 

KerryMy Johnson returns to the top spot in the league, a place they’ve held for all but one week this season when we were top dog in week 10. The defending league champion, Lamar the Merrier! is clinging to a playoff spot with newcomer Nukl Busters riding a four-game win streak into fourth place. 

It may sound crazy to state again, but there is a chance that all the teams in the league could finish at 7-7 and make the playoff seeding come down to the teams with the most points scored. 2020 has truly been a crazy year. 

Our week 12 opponent Nukl Busters had the best player in the league in his lineup this week. The Busters secured the largest margin of victory, with Keenan Allen’s performance accounting for almost half of that total by himself.

Diontae Johnson secured his first best starter award while Jones II secured his first worst starter one. Meanwhile, his teammate Tom Brady was one of our best non-starters, even though his numbers failed to meet his initial projections. 

Pinstripe Bowl did not make any roster moves during their week 11 matchup. 

Weekly Move Total: 0/4 

Season Move Total: 17/50

Stay tuned for next’s week recap of Pinstripe Bowl’s 2020 Fantasy Football season. 

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